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Children’s Vision

It is recommended that children have annual eye examinations throughout the school years to ensure the visual system is developing at an age appropriate level.

At Vision West our optometrists have specialised in Behavioural Optometry so that they are best able to conduct appropriate vision examinations for the age of each child.

For example, many parents worry about their infants and whether they have vision, it is possible to conduct objective eye testing methods that can give valuable information as to whether the visual system is correctly developing.

Most commonly parents will bring children in for an eye examination at around three years of age, again prior to Kindergarten or Pre-Primary and annually during the primary school years.

Many of the visual conditions that can arise through developmental vision problems may not cause blur, ie there may not be any obvious signs, yet the vision may affect how the child concentrates and understands the visual information they see.

See Behavioural Optometry and Vision Therapy for further information.

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