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Rudy Project

Rudy Project has a large range of Cycling and Running Sunglasses, Photochromic Sunglasses, Polarised Sunglasses and regular Prescription Sunglasses.

What makes the perfect Cycling sunglasses are the ability to adjust the frame, the Rudy Project have a lot of features such as adjustable nose and temple ends. The Photochromic lenses change colour from complete clear to a dark tint when activated by UV light. They are also available in Polarised which are anti-glare glasses that take the reflection away from surfaces. This allows the eyes to relax a lot more and all lenses offer UV400 protection which protects against harmful UV lights.

Vision West are able to supply Prescription sunglasses in a range of models that are made directly from Italy.

The Rydon Sunglasses have been around for the past 17 years, which means replacement frames and spare parts are always available. They weigh only 22grams and have the world’s best Photochromic lenses, 2 way activation means pigments are embedded into the lens. Guaranteed unbreakable, they have the biggest range of photochromic tints from clear to dark, one lens for all conditions. Available in neutral greys for road running and contrasting red’s and brown for trail running.

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