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I want to come to Vision West for my eye test but I want to take my prescription elsewhere, is that OK?

Whilst a person is free to take their spectacle or contact lens prescription anywhere, it needs to be remembered that what you are offered at Vision West is the best product for your visual needs, not just the cheapest. Often the cheapest option won’t fully satisfy your visual requirements, so if our prescriptions are taken elsewhere we cannot guarantee the end result will be the same as dispensing at Vision West.

Also, given the extra time we take with your careful vision examination, and the latest diagnostic equipment that of course requires ongoing investment.

Also it is important that if we are to be able to offer ongoing vision care to the discerning public into the future, and to ensure what we say you need is actually what you end up getting, then YES dispensing your prescription at Vision West is an important part of your total vision care.

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