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I have tried Multifocals before and they didn’t work, why would Multifocals made by Vision West be easier for me to use?

There are many type of multifocal lenses. The older designs were typically more difficult to adjust to, having large amounts of peripheral distortion so if you looked to the side they made things blurry or you may have become dizzy and disoriented, tripping over steps and the ground sloping.

Modern multifocal lens designs can have far larger areas of distance, intermediate and near vision, with minimal peripheral distortion.

In modern optics however there are so many designs of multifocals most consumers are unaware or can’t be sure that they are going to be given the latest designs.

The older designs, that were much harder to wear, are still manufactured and typically used by optical retailers that claim to have cheap or free glasses, usually the ones that say your health fund rebate is enough and you won’t have any ‘out of pocket expense’.

As is always the case you get what you pay for, at Vision West we guarantee to always give the latest designs that will allow you the maximum amount of vision, with seamless transition between distance, intermediate and near vision.

As soon as new designs are released, we at Vision West analyse their suitability for our patients and offer them immediately, so you never have to worry about having the latest and best lenses for your eyes.

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