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Can I use my multifocal spectacles on the computer too?

At Vision West we promise to always offer you the best optical products for your visual needs.

Whilst modern multifocal lens designs have far greater intermediate vision zones than the older designs that some other places use, there is often a need for an alternative lens design to be used on the computer, if you are on the VDU alot.

We recommend the use of extended focus lens designs for the computer. These allow full near vision just like reading spectacles, however the upper section of the lens is set for computer distance.

The advantage of these extended focus lenses means being able to shift focus between your computer and hard copy on your desk without having to peer over your glasses or getting a sore neck from leaning forward.

Many people can wear their regular multifocal spectacles on the computer, but if you are having trouble it is worth considering an additional pair of extended focus lenses for your computer needs.

At Vision West we will discuss your visual needs and the suitability of the various lens designs for you when you come in for your vision care appointment, prior to dispensing of your spectacles.

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